Cottage Interior
Cottage Interior

Welcome to the Oasis


Welcome to the Oasis!


Thank you for choosing our B&B!  We have a genuine desire for your comfort.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable.  You can call us at 987-0505 or ring the doorbell at the main house, front or back.


We hope that this information of the nitty gritty of the Oasis will be helpful in making your stay here a pleasant one.


Covid-19 Cleaning

We’ve removed all extraneous  materials from the cottage and everything you find there has been cleaned and sanitized to meet State Requirements. We require that masks be worn when contacting anyone else as well as maintaining social distancing.


Fire Evacuation Plan

There is a hand held fire extinguisher in the closet on the right side wall.  There is another, larger tank located in the laundry room.


Call 911 and/or the Innkeeper at 987-0505, from your phone. The water storage tank is equipped with a fire spigot and fire trucks have easy access to all the cottages on the property.  The sliding glass door opens easily at the flip of a switch on the handle.  If necessary, the bathroom window will allow egress.


Please ... no open fires.  The lights are all on dimmers and can be adjusted to provide a romantic ambiance as would a candle.


Wireless Information

The password is internet

There is no charge for using a reasonable amount of data for emails and browsing.




We are environmentally friendly and in this pursuit, minimize the amount of laundry done.  Therefore, we will not be changing your bedding or towels during your stay unless you request us to do so.  There are make-up wipes in the medicine cabinet.


Please don’t remove towels from the property.  We have towels designated for this use at the main house. 


The Bathroom

The cabinet above the sink contains face cloths, shampoo, conditioner, make-up wipes and glasses.  Push on the bottom of the door to open it.


Bathmats are in the cabinet under the sink.


The hot water system was designed to provide ample hot water on demand.... no waiting or running out of water.  But, be careful ... it is hot immediately.


The low flow Toilets are very sensitive to anything other than human waste and toilet paper.  Even large amounts of toilet paper will cause problems.  Anything else...tampons, Q-tips, disposable diapers, tobacco products, razor blades, etc. will cause chaos, not only to the toilet but to the septic system as well.


Electric Fireplace

The remote has simple on and off buttons. On the front of the unit there is a rheostat which can regulate the level of heat.  The cottage is well insulated, and will maintain a constant temperature over a fairly long period of time.  The overhead fan can be used to circulate the air for a more constant temperature.  The switch for the fan is located on the wall behind the table.


Air Conditioner

Enjoy the comfort of cool air.  Set the temperature.  We recommend 74.  Please run the fan on either low or medium. (High screeches outside and frankly doesn’t make much of a difference in cooling the cottage.) Please turn the air conditioner up to 80 or off when you leave for the day.  Please set the economy switch while using the ac.  This will shut down the fan as well as the ac when the set temperature is reached.



Use the Dish Guide, accessed through the remote, to see programming.  To use the universal remote, first push the red button on the top middle to address the Satellite and the smaller red button below it to address the TV. From then on then use the control buttons in the Satellite mode.  




At this time of the pandemic we are only providing Continental Breakfasts in your cottage.


A breakfast is served at the main house and consists of fresh squeezed orange juice and typically a selection of pastries, eggs and bacon or sausage, French Toast, pancakes, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Breakfast will be available between 9:00 and 10:00.   If you have special requests for the times or items for breakfast, please let us know in advance.  We can honor vegan, vegetarian, glucose or lactose intolerant, etc diets.



Greta is a Certified Massage Therapist and has a studio in the main house.  She uses techniques of Swedish style massage, specializing in the release of tension in the back, neck and shoulders.  Her training in Aquatic Massage brings a unique flow to her work.  Somatic Technique and Deep Tissue work is incorporated in her work as is appropriate for the client.



Feel free to explore the property.  Be very careful as you approach the creek.  The path down to the creek is not developed and could prove to be challenging.



Should anything not work properly, please let us know about it immediately.  It is our intention to have everything work perfectly and will be happy to do anything possible to assure that this happens.  If you forgot something, let us know.  We just might have what you need.  Your comfort is our primary concern.


We appreciate your comments and suggestions for improving our facilities and services.  Leave your personal comments in the log book for future guests to share.  The History of our Inn is what has created its Character.  Thank you for becoming part of that History.


We hope that your stay here is wonderful and you’ll return soon!



Love, Light and Peace,



24019 Hilderbrand Dr
Middletown, CA 95461

Phone: 707 295 7089

What's New

  • Cottages can be booked without breakfast with a $20 Discount.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all the cottages. 
  • All our linens, including robes, are 100% Cotton.
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