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Cottage Interior

Harbin Hot Springs

Welcoming the Light.

Harbin Hot Springs text over pink flowers blooming out of the snow.



March 20, 2023

Spring Equinox


Welcome the Sunlight!

Celebrate this special moment in a time of perfect balance between Winter’s darkness and Summer’s light.

Reflect on your mid-winter's hopes and dreams, then gather those intentions and bring them with you into Spring. As sunshine warms the ground in the coming weeks, plant your dreams and watch them grow.


Imagine the possibilities.

A small statue sits on a ledge in front of a large amethyst crystal outside. A tree trunk and leaves frame the photo.



Record Breaking Snowfall!



A person stands on a snow covered road guiding up a tractor and truck clearing the snow.

February's record-breaking snow was so heavy we had no choice but to close Harbin for a few days. Much of the County was without power or access. With many of Harbin's staff, either snowed in their homes or at Harbin, everyone stepped up from wherever they were located and helped with creative teamwork and determined dedication to keep the snowed-in guests and staff safe and warm.



The snowfall was beautiful and stuck around for a few days before melting. You can see more photos posted at


The large lap swimming pool is surrounded by a snow covered deck, buildings and hills.



Get to know Harbin's Daily Operations Team Leaders

Harbin's management team is working hard to rebuild something deeply loved from the past, while creating something beautiful and new for the future. In addition to the day to day business of running the hot springs our rebuilding continues on schedule. Get to know Harbin's Daily Operations Team Leaders who are bringing Harbin into the future. Chayo is a long time employee, resident, and Minister of Heart Consciousness Church. You may have met her during a visit over the years in one of the many departments where she has worked and Managed.



Chayo is a native of Lake County who was raised in North Lake County. She is the daughter of immigrant parents who immigrated to Lake County in the 70’s and is a first-generation Mexican American. She admits that she had never heard of Harbin Hot Springs, until she was in her late teens. Continue reading the interview with Chayo on our blog...





Quan Yin statue covered in snow. Colorful flowers sit inside the vase in her hands.




Recent weather kept us busy focusing on safety. But work continues on schedule for the new dressing room and steam sauna as well as architectural planning for the restaurant. Check our construction noise updates before your visit and please expect noise during the weekdays near the pools. Thank you so much for your patience as we continue to rebuild.


A construction fence blocks off an area near the pools.




Be sure to check our calendar for the full list of upcoming events and classes.


Harbin Yoga

Visions of Spring bring to mind flowers emerging from earth, chickadees emerging from eggs, butterflies emerging from cocoons and bears emerging from hibernation with a giant stretch and deep breath.


How are you emerging from your winter? We invite you to breathe, stretch, and expand fully into your own wholeness this Spring. Plan a visit and help nurture your own new growth with a Harbin Yoga class. Come celebrate the body and heart with us!






The Harbin Dance

Wednesdays, twice a month

from 8 - 10 pm

March 22nd - HATAATII

April 5th - 3JOHN

April 19th - SUDAKRA

May 10th - NEPTUNE

May 24 - SWAHÉ

Come dance and move in joyful bliss on to specially curated music! This dance is a sacred space where all are welcomed, leaving alcohol, technology and verbal communication off the dance floor. Move as you wish and prepare to be Danced!




Healing Music in the Watsu® Pool

April 15

8:30pm - 9:45pm

You are invited to bathe yourself with healing water and healing sound at this deeply meditative & soothing experience. Instrumental & vocal sound vibrations are soulfully channeled by Mahavir, Antonio Aversano and Ellen Asherah with such instruments as the tamboura, Native American inspired flute, Didgeridoo, harmonium, and more...

Come and bask in the Harbin waters in the Watsu Pool.


Events are free with paid admission to Harbin Hot Springs unless otherwise noted.

Donations Greatly Appreciated

View all upcoming events and classes.



Noticing balance in art, design and nature:


Health Services Pool photographed from one end shows a somewhat symetrical balanced reflection of shadow and light in the water from the window.



Round window overlooking the Domes area. In the background are snow covered hills.



View above the Domes and snow covered hills


A spiral staircase casts shadows creating an artistic geometric swirl shape image.



A spiral staircase inside a Harbin Dome


Spiral drawn into sand in stone altar.



Circles in sand at the new handcrafted altar



Spring brings celebrations of renewal, fertility, planting, and emerging from our hibernation caves of Winter. Take some time today if you can to step outside and notice tiny leaves appearing on the ends of branches and green grass on the hills from Winter's rains. Celebrate the birds chirping and butterflies appearing. Enjoy this moment. We hope you have a Beautiful Day!


With Love,

Harbin Hot Springs




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