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Cottage Interior

Harbin Hot Springs

Breaking new ground for buildings brings excitement... ? as well as construction noise and disruptions.

Photo of a Rainbow coming down from the sky and touching the top of the hillside. The hill is mostly in the shadows but at the top the sun shines through creating a surreal effect. A tree with intricate branches is in the foreground.





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Gifts of Rain and Rainbows

February 3, 2023


Dear friends,


January’s rains were a welcome beginning to the New Year and Harbin Canyon received over 26 inches during the storms, saturating the land and leaving behind a beautiful rainbow. These storms were fierce and once again a reminder that flowing with what each season brings furthers our resilience, and continues to deepen our relationship to the land, our reliance upon it, and our commitment to care for it. Nature is humbling! We sincerely hope this newsletter finds you well, wherever you may be today.


In this edition we'll update you on rebuilding progress and plans, introduce a new feature spotlighting our daily operation team leaders, offer a quick overview of our lodging options to help you plan your visit, and list some events coming up this month.


We've also included our "Statement of Consciousness" to begin the year. It's a great time to renew our commitment to the common values of Heart Consciousness guiding our intentions and our work here at Harbin Hot Springs. If you've read it before, it's a nice refresher. If you haven't, we hope you'll take a moment to read it!


Rebuilding Progress


The new restrooms next to the Health Services Therapy Pool are now open! We've turned our attention to construction of the Fern Dressing Room and Steam Sauna near the pools. The first retaining wall for this building site was finished prior to the storms. We've started working on the second retaining wall and the foundation for Fern Dressing Room will come next.


A retaining wall is completed. The hills above and below are green with shrubs from the recent rains. The walkway to the pool area is just below. A construction sign is showing in the corner to block the walkway..


We are now in the process of planning and permitting needed to begin construction on Harbin's Restaurant. We can look forward to completing it around Spring 2024.


Read more construction news in detail on our blog. And see what two of our talented artisans are building in this photo!


Two people building a stone altar structure. Large rocks are on the ground with bags of concrete.



Get to know Harbin's Daily Operations Team Leaders.



The next 5oth anniversary is the Heart Consciousness Church anniversary in 2025. (We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the land purchase in 2022.) So much to celebrate! Our management team is working incredibly hard to rebuild something deeply loved from the past, while also creating something beautiful and new for the future. Get to know Harbin's Daily Operations Team Leaders in our newsletters throughout this year, beginning with Lia.



A woman, Lia, sits outside playing a guitar.

Lia Findley Jennings has called Harbin her home for over 25 years. A longtime resident of Cobb, the small town on the mountain above Harbin, Lia has worked in many departments over the years. Deeply involved in the Ministry program here at Heart Consciousness Church, Lia's mission and vision focuses on community driven stewardship of this land for future generations.


You may have met Lia and her husband John over the years as they help bring the heart to Harbin through music, acoustic song circles in the garden and DJ dances at night.


Learn more about Lia here...



Plan a winter retreat to reconnect with nature.


A small cabin sits on a green hill. It has a deck area with a fence. There is a cabin behind the one featured.


Time spent in nature is time well spent!


Harbin has many choices so you can customize your own retreat; hiking, yoga, nutritious food, dancing, meditation, massage and Watsu®, and of course soaking. Browse the Events Calendar. What calls to you? Be your own guide for your own perfect, self-created retreat.


For lodging options, you might choose one of Harbin's spacious Grove Cottages located near the Meadow Area. Each cottage has a private deck, roomy lovely interior with a Queen bed and big views to unwind in comfort and natural beauty.


A round swimming pool filled with clear vibrant blue water.

Or, far up on the hillside the Domes offer a warm meditation pool just steps outside your door. Originally built for teaching Watsu, this pool has a neutral temperature, similar to the body.


From tiny single rooms to extra large rooms, each Dome room is one of a kind. The Domes are a steep walk or short drive to the larger Mainside pool area, but set peacefully apart, this special space has breathtaking views.


 Creekside Caravans, near the Meadow, have heat, a/c, a comfy 60” x 74” bed, a seating and eating area, mini bathroom with toilet and shower and even a kitchenette! These cute trailers offer a lot in a tiny space!


And, as always, with a 24 Hour Pass you can set up your tent on a tenting deck or find a magical spot in the meadow among the oaks, to lay directly on the earth as you dream.


A Vintage trailer, one of Harbins lodging options.


Wherever you choose to stay, Harbin's pools are open 24 hours a day. So, when night falls and the starry sky calls, grab your towel and a flashlight and head to the pools for a midnight soak. Mid-winter Bliss!



View across the top of the hot springs pool water with a dark night sky in the background.




Featured Events

Heart Consciousness Church



Illustrated full moon over a snowy field.


The Snow Full Moon Meditation with R. Lane

February 5, 2023

7 - 8pm in the Events Center 

Full Moon sound bath and meditation at Harbin Hot Springs! A Chakra Balancing Meditation enhanced with singing bowls and mantra chants for the Ultimate Sound Bath. Prayer support for realizing your Heart’s Desire and the Highest Good for loved ones in a Unified Heart Meditation.


Spiritual Practices

with R. Lane

Fridays, 10:30 to Noon

in the Events Center

Join the heart of Heart Consciousness with Spiritual Practices enhanced with nurturing Reiki infused singing bowls of R. Lane, a Heart Consciousness Church Minister since 1998. Spiritual Practices include:

* Unified Heart Meditation *Affirmative Prayer * Wisdom Healing QiGong and more


Person kneeling and smiling at the camera with hands in a prayer on a decorative carpet with candles and rainbow colored singing bowls.


Events Calendar

Free with paid admission to Harbin Hot Springs.


Harbin Hot Springs is a center where we can experience the beauty of nature while exploring our potential as human beings. Our staff and resident members operate this retreat and workshop center as a service to others, with common values guiding our actions. Together we choose... • To recognize our reliance on this land, water and air, and be responsible in our stewardship of it; • To provide an atmosphere of safety, comfort and quiet, encouraging all to awareness of their own being; • To welcome people of diverse cultural, economic and social backgrounds; • To create a place where the human body is nurtured, respected and celebrated; • To behave harmoniously, bringing communication, respect, integrity and love to our daily interactions; • To explore and present alternatives in the areas of human potential, bodywork, relationships and holistic thinking; • To cultivate lives of spiritual awareness and presence, while encouraging others to do the same; • To manage our human and financial resources in a way that will permit the improvement of Harbin and the support of related projects; In all of our work, decisions and interactions, we choose to use Heart Consciousness as our guiding principle.


The 2023 events calendar is filling up with many new offerings to explore during your stay; yoga, dances, meditations, music and more. When you plan your perfect retreat you might want to include your old favorites, or maybe it's a perfect time to try something new.


Be sure to schedule a Health Services treatment on land or in water with one of our talented practitioners when you make your reservation.


Please keep your eye on the construction and noise updates prior to your visit and know we're doing our best to keep disruptions as minimal as possible.


We hope to see you soon!

Harbin Hot Springs





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