Cottage Interior
Cottage Interior

Harbin Hot Springs

Yellow and pink sunrise over the dark hillsides surrounding Harbin canyon.


May Your Inner Harvest Be Abundant

September 2021


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And…in a blink of an eye, Summer came and went. Fall is just around the corner. It is almost time to watch leaves do their dance in the autumn sun and feel the air change from warm to chill. Do not be bummed if you did not make it to Harbin Hot Springs this Summer. We understand why you did not make it. Perhaps it was due to the pandemic, or because your busy schedule did not allow you to visit us. We get it. Life happens. We are open all year long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Due to Covid-19 precautions, we are currently operating on a reduced guest capacity. Nonetheless, we are here for you to come relax and unplug any day of the year. Be sure to book reservations online at


Possibly you’ll make it to Harbin Hot Springs this Fall when the long summer nights are no longer here. This Fall, balance the light and shadow by saying goodbye to Summer in a memorable way. Book a night at one of our Grove Cottages, which offers guests our most spacious and comfortable lodging,


Picture yourself reading your favorite book while enjoying a latte from the Dancing Bear Café on a cozy Fall afternoon!




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Autumn Equinox

Book your retreat at Harbin Hot Springs for the Fall equinox. We have an Autumn Equinox/Full Moon Sunset Ceremony & Ritual planned for September 19th at 6 pm in the Garden with Sherry Forman and Harbin Minister Lia.


Some people may not realize that two equinoxes occur each year. Autumn equinox happens in September, (it happens on the 22nd of September this year). The other equinox, the Spring Equinox, happens in March.


During equinox, the equilibrium of day and night occurs. Many feel this balance represents the light and darkness in our lives and is an important time for celebration and reflection.



Photo of cloudy red sunrise sky with statue in foreground.

Photo by Brandon Giovannoni



Inspired by Nature


All services are not back yet due to Covid-19 restrictions but something that will always be here is nature and our beautiful calming waters. 


Since Yoga, Massage and Movies have not resumed, entertain yourself after a soak in your room by making a list of everything you are thankful for—start a gratitude journal. You will reap your inner harvest by writing down what you appreciate in life. If you don’t know how to start a gratitude journal, start by writing down what you love about nature or by making a list of all of the loved ones in your life. From there, what you write will come naturally.


May your inner harvest be plentiful and so abundant! See you this Fall.


Harbin Hot Springs, P.O. Box 782, Middletown, CA 95461

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