It has been wonderful to have you back!



Dear Greta,


What a unique, humbling and beautiful experience it has been for us to welcome you back to Harbin’s land and pools. Your kindness to our staff, your wide-eyed faces, moments of speechlessness and sentiments of gratitude all are such a gift. It had been over three years since we worked in direct customer service with our guests. Thank you for making it easy and for blessing this gentle time with your encouragement, hugs, and so many tears! Just seeing so many familiar faces again has been a balm for this difficult labor of love. Having you back feels as though the spirit has returned to the body. Wow and thank you!


And because Harbin’s reopening has gone so well, we’re ready to expand our services. Beginning Monday, February 18, Harbin will again offer a 6 Hour Day Visit pass AND Overnight Tenting. We will also expand registration hours to 7am to 6pm (we still want you to arrive during daylight). This means you can visit and stay overnight in your tent or vehicle (under 18 feet) or can come for a shorter six hour pass. The pools will be open 24/7, you’ll just need to check in before 6pm. Please see the details below. Both passes are at pre-fire rates when you book online.





6 Hour Day Pass and Overnight Tenting Will Begin February 18th.


Beginning Monday, February 18th, Harbin is extending its registration desk hours to 7am to 6pm and will be offering reservations for 6 Hour Day Passes and Overnight Tenting. Though you will still need to register during the daylight hours, our pools will be open 24/7.  Click here to see a description of our 6 Hour Day Pass and Overnight Tenting Pass.


6 Hour Day Passes last for six hours after your arrival and Overnight Tenting passes will be good for 24 hours. Both passes are similar to what we offered pre-fire in terms of time and price. Guests may sleep in their vehicles or set up their tents in our Meadow area, either on the ground, or on one of our limited selection of sleeping platforms (first come, first served). Prices for our 6 Hour Day Pass will be $25 M-Th, and $35 F-Su and holidays. Our Overnight Tenting passes are $40 M-Th and $55 F-Su. Both of these passes are discounted $5 per person when you book your pass online. You can of course call to make reservations at 707 987-2477. 


Did you book a “Daylight Pass” between February 18th and 24th? Don’t worry, we’ll still honor the terms of that pass. If you like, you’re welcome to extend the pass to a Tenting upon arrival. There’s no need to call and change your reservation.


IMPORTANT OVERNIGHT REMINDERS: •Our Tenting area is a drastically changed, fragile, post-fire ecosystem with pockets of active construction and forestry: it has uneven ground, variable drainage, struggling vegetation, and at times quite a bit of wind. •Please plan to arrive and set up during daylight hours – you will definitely need to be able see where you are and what you’re doing. •Please be thoughtful about where you set up – careful to avoid construction, broken ground, wet areas, and unstable vegetation. •Please bring a flashlight: you will need it, especially to walk to the pools. •We currently have no guest kitchen or food storage area. If you bring food, please be prepared to store it in your car in an odor-proof container.





More trees on the way!


Good news for Harbin’s forest: we’ve just placed 4500 seedlings into their forever homes! These little trees and their planting were paid for by our guests’ reforestation donations, as well as the grant money your donations enabled us to apply for. We couldn’t have done it without your support – and we, the trees, and the birds, bees and frogs all thank you!





Big Projects, Ongoing Costs.


Harbin’s restoration is a huge, multi-faceted, and ongoing work in progress. You, and all of our guests, have been so generous in helping us since the fire with charitable contributions, and since our reopening with the purchase of visitor passes, and by continuing to share your love and support for all that Harbin offers. We’d like you to please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation, to help Harbin’s rebuild in an ongoing and cumulative way. You may choose any monthly amount that is comfortable for you, no matter how seemingly small: all recurring gifts can have a deep and meaningful impact over the long run. It’s another way you can help us to help you, by supporting the fuller restoration of the Harbin facilities and services that you hold so dear. To arrange a recurring donation now, please click here. And thank you!





Please help us keep Harbin HARBIN.


We have an important favor to ask of our long-time guests especially. We need everyone’s help making sure that old and new visitors alike experience Harbin similarly to how it was in the past – quietly, safely, and with appropriate reverence. Will you please help support the agreements that keep Harbin so very special by continuing to model these longstanding Harbin behaviors?


Keep cell phones in your vehicle: If you need to make a call, please do so quietly from inside your vehicle or within the Registration parking lot. Cellphones aren’t welcome at the pools, or anywhere else.

No photos ever: Please keep any device that has a photographic lens in your vehicle. Photos taken at our clothing optional retreat are not welcome. We know that many of the photos you might wish to take are well-intentioned… but there is a fuller sense of safety that we are nurturing at Harbin which allows us all to relax a bit deeper, knowing that photos are not part of the experience.

Silent meditation pools: The Warm Pool, Hot Pool, and Cold Plunge are Harbin’s silent spiritual sanctuary. Please, no socializing, talking, or even whispering in and around these three pools.

No alcohol or marijuana: please arrive at Harbin sober, and stay sober throughout your visit.

Your entire reservation party must arrive with you: As before the fire, we ask that if you are bringing guests in on your Membership (including them in your reservation) that they arrive with you. If you plan to meet friends here but aren’t driving/arriving together, please let them make their own reservations.

No vehicles over 18 feet. Harbin’s current parking and turnaround areas are quite reduced in size, and we must therefore limit vehicle size. Click here for suggestions on where to stay nearby with larger vehicles.

Please avoid all construction and forestry areas: We ask that you give a wide berth to all construction and land reclamation areas: please do not enter these zones at all. And kindly do not engage our workers in conversations about what they’re working on, because that can distract them, and you could be in danger without even knowing it. This is a significant concern for us, and we ask for everyone’s complete cooperation.





Harbin’s rebuild and phased reopening continue. With next week’s re-introduction of 6 Hour Day Pass and Overnight Tenting passes and the around-the-clock guest access to our pools, we’re inching slowly closer to our ultimate goal: the full restoration of Harbin’s facilities and services. Thank you so much for staying interested; for coming to visit and sharing your love; for perhaps committing to an affordable recurring donation; and for continuing to model the agreements that are so fundamental to keeping Harbin safe and special.



And in closing, one last reminder about our construction areas. These are Harbin’s most fragile and vulnerable spots, each being carefully nurtured back to life. Please contain your very understandable curiosity about all the construction areas and processes you might encounter while you’re here, and allow nature and our workers to do their jobs uninterrupted. It’s another way you can help Harbin fully return all that much sooner. Bless you.



Harbin Hot Springs, P.O. Box 782, Middletown, CA 95461



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