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We are pet-friendly and welcome dogs in our Pisces Cottage.  There is a $2pet fee per booking.  


Rusty is a 4 yr old terrier mix.  He is smart and funny and loves people ... especially those who will rub his tummy by the fireplace!  His best friend is Penny, who looks up to him like a big brother.  It's a good life!  Rusty's friendly with other dogs and enjoys meeting new friends. His bark is his way of saying 'hello'.

Poco is a 17-yr old cockatiel who also likes people and will visit and sing along with your attention and your song.  He occasionally tests Rusty but mostly they ignore each other. He will occasionally visit guests at the dining room table.  Mostly he stays at his ladder looking into the mirror or out the front window.  He'll whistle to let me know when someone comes into the driveway. 

Cisco, a Jack Russel Terrier, is my Granddog and although he lives in San Francisco, he often visits.


Piney, an old Black Lab, and Penny, a feisty chihuaua mix,  live next door and enjoy visiting and meeting new people and other canines.

A couple of years ago, we started welcoming dogs here and have never regretted the decision.  Most of them have been polite and friendly guests who get along with Rusty.  I can't imagine not having a lovable pack around here.  We'll be including their photos here on this photo gallery throughout the year. 

If you are looking for a place to stay in the Calistoga - Harbin Hot Springs area of Wine Country for a girls'weekend getaway, anniversary getaway, romantic weekend getaway or even a last minute getaway, this is the perfect place for you.